Monday, 12 May 2014

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Hello everyone, so last Friday I went to London for not one but two events!  First of all I went to the Loreal casting event which you can find here. Of course before I went to the event I hadn't eaten lunch so of course when in London one MUST by sushi.  I ate my lunch in the kensington gardens and it was beautiful as ever.

When I arrived I was greeted with a warm reception by Clementine who I'd been emailing over the past week or so. They even gave us our own little cards bless them which was so sweet.

Once we got started the owners of "green cleaning" started there discussion about "Do we really need chemicals" and you know what they really convinced me that I don't need chemicals in my house.  I interrupted a few times to discuss how I feel, there is way too much pressure on mums now a days, to have the perfect home.  To have a sparkling clean house (of course every mum wants that) and it to be smelling through out of lavender or spring time flowers.  One of the ladies told us about how her son was having breathing problems (I think that was it or maybe the lungs sorry I can't remember).  The doctors had tried everything, she took in her own power to cut out all chemicals in cleaning...and you know what he got better.  Something really shocked me what they said though. Scientists tested the blood of a umbilical cord and found nearly 300!  That's right 300 chemicals from household products!  You really wouldn't believe it without proof would you.  That in itself puts me off the idea of household cleaning chemicals alone! 

It was nice to see that all the mums agreed with me when I said that a perfect clean house is actually more dangerous then one with dirt laying around as it then makes the immune system weak.  I've always gone by this as my dad taught me.  Okay my house isn't filthy but I wouldn't say it's sparkling clean either and I'm glad the other mums agreed with me.  Another point which was made was the plug in air fresheners which could be deadly to those with Asthma.  I do wonder if scented candles carry the same thing???  Of course this doesn't mean you can't clean you can actually clean very well with just natural products like, baking soda, lemon and Citric Acid.  However not many of them can leave a lovely scent so the green cleaners have a recipe book where you can home make all the cleaning stuff you need! Click here to view it!

This is where E-cloth comes in.  E-cloth is a company who have made amazing cleaning technology.  I'm not going to lie at first before the demonstrations I thought it sounded too good to be true.  I thought "no this is just another one of those gimmicks".  After all how can a cloth clean without the need of chemicals and just water?  Well I'll let you see for your own eyes.  The first two images is the first demonstration I was shown.  He put ketchup and some sort of sauce on the floor.  God it made me cringe so much.  He wet the end of the mop and then Velcro'd it to the mop handle.  My first thoughts were that it was going to smudge and would take a long time to clean...nope not at all. 




I seriously was just like "how the fuck!".  I wasn't the only one the other two mums with me were too.  It seriously was like magic. "Now you see it, now you don't".  Next up was the Vaseline test, I seriously was doubting thing I'm not going to lie.  My son has put lipstick on our mirror before and it's been a pain in the ass to clean.  Plus once it's clean then unless you use the old fashion newspaper it's always smudged.

He started off wiping quite a lot of Vaseline on the mirror, next he sprayed on water. That's right folk yet again just water, no nasty chemicals here.  He first used a glass wipe and it smuged around just as expected.  However next he used a different be honest bad Rachel forgot to listen.  After he wiped it with the second cloth however it looked just like a new mirror!  No need to buy the daily fail here to clean mirrors!

eww eww eww get it off.

before using the second cloth
I really was impressed I'm not going to lie.  They had lots in there range to, from pet to cars, heck even towels and face clothes for the beauty queen that's inside of you!  Admittedly it can be expensive to buy there cloths, but in the long run it's going to save you a hell of a lot of money!

Of course this isn't going to be for everyone, especially most likely those with OCD (I'm not having a go just trying to make an example).  However I think everyone should have a look and check it out for themselves. You can find E-cloth's website here.

That's all for now next week I might be talking about our Colchester zoo visit but it could be anything! Ta-ta for now.


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