Saturday, 10 May 2014

#Morrisonsmum | Monday and Tuesday's meals

Hello again everyone!  I just want to start this blog off by saying a HUGE congratulations to Morrisons being awarded  the leaping bunny logo by Cruelty Free International. 

It makes me very proud to be a #morrisonsmum right now. As this gets the big thumbs up from me.  So this is the final blog for my #morrisonsmum series I'm afraid.  I will be back on Monday though with another big brand though so watch this space!  So today I'll be showing you a run down with what I ate with my family on Monday and Tuesday.  I haven't got that many pictures of the meals though as I kinda ate them before I got a final picture....opps.


So on Monday we had fajitas but with a twist.  Matthews mum brought me some tins that you put tortillas in, they then go hard and you can fill it with goodies.  So instead of us having normal fajitas I decided to use the tins she had gave me instead. I'm happy to say they were a massive hit!  Even my nearly 2 year old son liked them yay!

We got a El do Pasa kit and put the totilla's in the tins.  I thought I might have a bit of trouble but it was really easy.

I was so surprised that the tomatoes were so fresh! They look perfect (I know that is strange talking about food ha ha) 

The finished product, and yes before you ask it was very tasty! Nomnomnomnom.


So on Tuesday we had a mince and bacon pasta bake.  Though admittedly it's more of a spag bowl with bacon.  I have to cook the pasta separately so it turns out more soft otherwise the boyfriend doesn't eat it ha ha.  

I just have to say this is the best Garlic Bread I have ever had from a supermarket.  Considering this is basically the supermarket extra value version (aka the cheapest).  It was really moist and had so much flavor.  I was expecting it to be dry like Asda's but it wasn't.  I was so pleased....and might have a slight addiction now. 

The finished product just simmering whilst I cool down David's (this way us adults don't get cold food too ;) )

I was so shocked by the quality of this pasta sauce.  It was expecting the vegetables to be blended in or small.  My god though I was in for a surprise, the vegetables were chunky as if I had chopped them up by myself and chucked them in!  Not only that but they were actually the vegetables that were on the jar.

I was also quite surprised that the bacon from Morrisons was really thick.  Right that's it for now, sorry this is late but I've been so busy recently it's got out of control ha ha.  See you on Monday when I'll be talking about the E-cloth event.


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