Tuesday, 6 May 2014

#morrisonsmum | The weekend

Back so soon are we Rachel?  Why yes because otherwise I'd be a goldfish and forget everything ha ha! So this is the second blog of the series, this time I'll be sharing with you my weekend #morrisonmums experience.  On Saturday we had Spaghetti Bowl and on Sunday we had a massive BBQ fest (we ended up not even using everything we brought!)

Spaghetti bolognese   (about £3 per serving)

Now I was really careless and forgot to take photos of the ingredients and the finished product. All except the mince.....but I had 2 in the fridge.  

What we used:
Morrisons own Button Mushrooms
Morrisons own Spaghetti sauce
Morrisons British minced beef steak.

The recipe wasn't exactly hard cook the mince, chop up the mushroom throw them in when the mince is cooked.  Add the sauce and whilst your doing all that cook the pasta BOOM! Your done.  I've always preferred buying a sauce from the jar to be honest.  Whenever I've had homemade from scratch spaghetti it's either too watery or I can tasted the iron from the tinned tomato's.  My tastebuds are very sensitive though which is why I never add any salt to my food when cooking it.  Also I just want to say that we normally have 500G as we normally find anything less not enough.  However we were surprised to find that there was plenty of mince there for us.  We don't get this with Asda or Aldi.

Now onto Sunday the BIG BBQ!  The day in the week I was looking forward to the most.  

Sunday's Morrisons BBQ

On Sunday we arrived at Matthew's mum's at about 12:15pm.  We were very late and this was due to me as I left invites last minute!  Each card took me 2 hours as it required printing out, colouring in and then cutting up and gluing together (as well as making sure the pop up card work)  I felt it was worth it though as I'm such a perfectionist and I like to make my son's birthday better each year...he's only 2 god help me.

When we arrived the BBQ was all set up and ready for us.  I headed into the kitchen to make the chicken kebabs.  I made this by cutting the chicken into cubes, Matthews mum did the same with the peppers and my mum helped but cutting the mushrooms in half.  After I did the chicken I then cut the red onion into 1/4 and then halved that again.  I then did them in this order, pepper, mushroom, chicken, onion.  I only got 2 red onions but there was so much chicken I needed 2 more. Luckily Marylin (Matthews mum) had 2 more!

The chicken we used
Before being cooked
I made about 8 of these so roughly calculating they were probably about £1 maybe a bit more per serving.

After being cooked nom!
After they were cooked they were very nice, however they didn't taste any different to the frozen chicken I've had from other supermarkets.

Whilst I was preparing the chicken kebabs Matthew took out the already made beef shish kebabs.  They were really lovely.  Nice and soft and with a slight kick to them.  I was surprised when my mum said they were nice as I thought hey had a kick to them and she is REALLY sensitive to spice...and when I was really I mean it.  My mum even finds paprika spicy and I don't think it's spicy at all. So for her to say that really impressed me.

Pack of 10 40p each
We started to put the ready made stuff outside.  These crisps were a winner with anyone though these were the only flavours available.  The sweet chilli was lovely, even my son liked them!

Something funky went on with the celery 

Everyone enjoyed the burgers and sausages.  My parents are regular shoppers at Asda and said that the quality was better then Asda.  My brother said the same for Morrisons own Vegetarian sausages and burgers. 

I must say I was VERY impressed with Morrisons potato salad.  Everytime I've brought potato salad they have been hard potato's and it's been horrible. Potato salad should have soft potato's not hard and only Morrison's have realised this so thank you!

Matthew was cooking though out the day and did a wonderful job.

So yes the day was a massive success!  I did buy a chocolate cheesecake for dessert but my mum and dad were persistent to bring at least something.

So this is it for todays #morrisonsmum blog.  Check out my blog on Thursday when I'll be talking about the recipes/meals we ate on Tuesday and Wednesday. Until then see ya!

*Please note, I was not paid by Morrisons to give a positive post.  All opinions are my own.  I was only given £80 vouchers to spend in Morrisons to spend on food for purposes of this blog.


  1. The chicken kababs look lovely! I wish I was a mum so I could be a morrisons mum, they have some lovely items across fresh food.

    Corinne x

    1. Awwwww bless you, I'm sure you will be a mum one day xx

  2. Looks like you made some tasty treats and so pleased the barbecue was a success. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part

    1. Awww thank you my lovely :D. Yes it was great and the weather was perfect!