Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Event | 3 Foot Festival 2014

Hello everyone,  first of let me just say sorry that this is late.  Normally posts are late because I'm not feeling up to it and am too tired.  This time it's late because I have been so busy.  I have 4 events to attend this week.  Well I've already been to one so have 3 more left.  Infact this is the only day I have free, which is why I'm writing this now.  I am really tired and have been up all night not being able to sleep but this NEEDS to be written!  So if you were reading my blog last year, you would of read last year's 3foot festival blog post and how much fun we had.  So the question is, now things have changed and David is older have things changed?  Did we still have fun?

Well this year the festival was taking part in Hylands Park.  It's more known for the V Festival taking place there.  Normally they hold it in the central park in Chelmsford but it had gotten too big.  There was quite a lot of traffic getting there (you can see my rants here on youtube ha ha as well as watching about the day).   You have to write a code on your wristband and of course self advertisement I wrote "candyfloss"...there wasn't enough room for cloud boo.

Parking was good though lots of space.  Once we were inside it was all a bit frantic.  There were fun fair rides to meet you straight away.  I loved the fact that they were there but it was a bit of a pain as David wanted to go on.  Trouble is though there was a massive queue.  I don't mind myself waiting but David doesn't understand queue at such a young age.  Especially as he's going through difficult time and he's very impatient.  Eventually we managed to distract him away.  We found a dance tent I thought David might like but he was shy.  I was quite surprised as he LOVES dancing but I think he was just really too shy to take part.  

The first activity we took part in was a arts and crafts section.  David coloured in a pirate door sign.  This was so perfect considering his room is pirate themed.  David being him though also wanted to colour in the princess mask.  I'm so glad he likes everything.

Next was some sort of essex reading thing.  I don't know who it was organised by I think it was the council.  Whoever it was did a great job.  The theme was from the book of  "we're going on a bear hunt".  They had set out activities to go with the book so you could read and basically walk the experience of the book.  David wasn't afraid to get involved and feel in the water and got messy in the mud ha ha.

They also showed me how that if you go to a certain park you can ask for a "under the tree book pack" I thought this was a great idea in encouraging reading.  Also a great idea to get the kids to calm down after running around.  More information can be found here. 

There was a tunnel in that section to go inside another tent with lots of other bits to see and do.  David enjoyed playing with the sand.  It didn't feel like beach sand though felt more like sand with cornflour.  I guessed that it was moon sand.  I really need to get some as it looks great fun.

After we exited the tent we were welcomed by a music set that was out in the open.  There were LOTS of tribal drums and David had soooo much fun banging them. He literally went round in a circle banging all of them ha ha.

We next headed over to a arts and crafts tent, it had a giant spiderman outside that all the children loved.  Inside was where lots of paint fun was to be had.  

We then headed over to the giant sandpit.  We wanted to both relax so we were able to play with David whilst relaxing too.  The other activities required us to watch over David a lot as he was excited and impatient so he's got a bit hard to handle though this is improving.

After relaxing we then headed to get David's hand printed and turned into an animal.  Last year he got an Elephant, this time we got a duck as he chose it.  We then headed to the marsh farm tent where we saw the animals and made a duck mask.  It was good to see the animals in Marsh Farm I don't like going there much as I feel since the takeover it's turned a bit poo AND it's expensive.  

After that we went to the science show and played with some sensory tubs.  There was lots more to do LOTS more.  David however couldn't stay awake as hard as he might try.  We left but we enjoyed are time although David was difficult at times.  Next year will be even better as David will (hopefully) learn what patient is and we will communicate better etc.  I mean we already talk lots anyway and I understand most of what he says but it's not like we have conversations yet.  I mean he'll try but it will be words he knows mixed with a load of gibberish ha ha.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I'll see you next week.  


  1. I did not even know this festival existed. My kiddoes would have loved it.

    1. It's in Chelmsford aimed at 0-5 year olds ticket cost a penny seriously for all 3 of us it cost £20!

  2. That looks like a fabulous event. It's great to see your little guy having a go at so many fun and educational activities.

    1. Thanks hun it was in Chelmsford you anywhere near?