Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Event | #bigLDNbus Tour

Hello ma dearies,  so last week I attended the #bigLDNbus tour hosted by Big Bus Tour. Now I've never gone on a London tour bus before, if I did I don't remember, so I wanted to check it out.  We had to meet at the Ripleys Believe It Or Not centre. I had walked past this LOTS of times and always have been curious to what is inside so this was another exciting new experience.  Before this though me and my brother (he came along with) decided to have something to eat at Mr Wu buffet.  This because it was cheap, near where we needed to go and I hadn't eaten all day.  Needless to say people should avoid this....they basically fry everything (yep even the sesame seed toast!).  Anyway let's get on with talking about the event.

Me and Peter walked into RBION a little earlier then 7pm.  We were passed a VIP landyard which had all the hashtags and the companies accounts.  I thought this was such a great idea and I'd love to see this at more events.  We were then given a goodie bag and I give top marks to RBION for this as it was easy to carry around. I thought we would be the first ones there but we weren't which I was glad about.  I always get nervous if I'm the first one there.

Made with bottle caps!
Before heading down to the theatre where we had to go we had a chance to look around for a bit.  I've never been to RBION so it was a lovely mini adventure.  They had many wonderful and strange things.  I was amazed by most of them.  They even had a part of the Berlin Wall!  My brother couldn't stop saying how it was going to be 66 year olds (or something like that) soon.  I realllllllllly wanted to draw on the graffiti wall (you know promotion and all that jazz ha ha) but the queue was too long oh poop.  after a while we were huddled into the theatre where we were given yet another goodie bag!

I mingled for a while with my brother and Shareen.  By mingle I of course mean awkwardly stand in a corner sipping wine.  If it wasn't for Shareen knowing other people there we probably wouldn't of talked to anyone else.  Beatrice from Big Bus Tours gave a really good speech.  It was short to the point and with information just what I liked.

After a while we were huddle onto one of the buses I really was surprised how much room it had. I thought we had no chance of getting a seat at the top but boy I was wrong!  It really impressed me to see just how many countries the Big Bus Tours is in.  They have a multi-language guide with headphones too!  I would of never though of getting on a bus tour in a different country but this has certainly changed my mind.  I don't think it would of been half as good though if it wasn't for the tour guide himself.  He was so witty and funny.  He kept the flow going no matter the speed of the bus.

After we had finished our mini tour (which was excellent) we were invited to Hollywood Planet to finish the day off.  They served use alcoholic drinks and snacks.  Sadly they didn't have much in the selection of vegetarian food so it was a good thing we ate before hand.  Also me being on a diet I didn't snack as much.  I've never been in a Hollywood Planet before but the place did fascinate me.  However I think it's a place for families with older children as it looked very busy.  This was London though, so who knows.  I was quite proud of myself that day as I managed to talk with a PR and I'm quite a nervous person especially in crowds where everyone seems to know each other.  All in all it was a great day and I'm glad I went.  Congratulations to the winners of the prizes on that day they deserved it!  Also thank you for RBION for the tickets we will be returning when David turns 3 without a doubt. See you again soon.


  1. Sounds so cool I would love to do a london bus tour. Ha I can be such a tourist sometimes even tho I go london for business all the time haha x

    1. I really wasn't expecting to enjoy it. the bus tour guide defo made the ride was so funny XD.

  2. I live in london but I always like to be tourist at least once a month and when I do I properly;y do it, camera, looking up everywhere, ooohing at everything. Love london, glad you had fun :) x

    1. What a lovely idea. I bet it really makes you appreciate where you live :D