Friday, 25 July 2014

Review | The All-bran 5 day Challenge

Hi y'all!  So I was lucky enough to be given the chance to take part in the Britmums All-bran 5 day Challenge.  On twitter, you can follow everyone's journey, by looking up the hashtag #allbranrealmum.  When I got them through the post I was really excited. I didn't really like al-bran as a child the taste was okay but just a bit....boring? So these new flavours excited me, especially the chocolate box.  The three new flavours include;

- Chocolate Wheats
- Red Berry Crunch
- Goldren Crunch

The challenge was to eat all-bran for 5 consecutive days, and find out if it helped our tummies feeling better.  This was actually quite hard for me, as I don't always eat breakfast.  Bad I know but it's just one of those bad habits.  I first tried the Red Berry Crunch with my son.  My son ate it all so there were not complaints from him. However my bowl was not empty.  However not because I didn't like it but because it made me feel so full!  It was a winner right off the bat.

It's safe to say David's favourite (and mine) were the chocolate wheats.  Every morning I would get the same "choc mummy choc".  When we finished the packet off he was very upset indeed.  Means I know what will be on my shopping list next!

So how did it leave me feeling?  Well like I said before one of the straight away key benefits was that it kept me fuller for longer.  This is a very good thing for me since I am on the weight watchers diet.  I also did notice it helped my digestive system.  Normally I struggle with my digestive system, but I can 100% agree that this left my tummy feeling happier.  I'm not sure about bloating as I don't bloat much only when I'm on my period really.  I've read a few blogs though that did say it helped.

I don't normally like the taste of all-bran but these new flavours did help ALOT.  That's all there is for this mini review.  If you are joining the challenge how did it make you feel?  If you haven't yet tried the challenge I highly recommend it.  Bye bye for now


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