Thursday, 14 August 2014

42 days of Summer Challenge

Hi everyone!  So summer is pretty much over well it feels like that way anyway.  There is still plenty of fun to be had though and so down below I've listed some activities that you can do with you and your family.  Some are free but some of them also cost money.  Some of the activities might include places that are in Essex (aka near me) but I'm sure their are familiar alternatives all across the UK!

1. Don't let the rain bring you down put on your wellies and go jumping in the puddles
2. Make mud pies!
3. If the weather is REALLY bad make it a peppa pig day.  Watch Peppa Pig then do both the above and any other fun activities you can think of when watching it with your child (depending on their age of course)
4. Go on a nature walk.  With Autumn just around the corner you could collect stuff use it for art later on.
5. Water Fight!
6. Buy a family sized pool so you can sit down and enjoy it as much as your children!

7. Sundays don't have to be boring.  If your children are at a good age why not try making some afternoon tea snacks with them.  Don't forget to invites the best teddies in town though!
8.Massive Ice Sensory! Hide objects and explain to your children what is happening as the ice melts.
9. The beach! Du'h!
10. Science Museum
11. Good old fashion play in the park

12. Back garden teddy bears picnic.
13.Any kids festival near you?  You should check them out sometimes they can be great fun and not badly priced either!

14. Visit a zoo!  It doesn't have to be a massive zoo either if your tight for cash try to search for smaller ones.  
15. Visit a farm! 
16. Theme Park.  (Try looking for 2-1 deals for these)
17. Play with sidewalk chalk

18. MAKE sidewalk chalk
19. Play dough too whilst your at it ;)
20. Try and say no to TV for one day. (it's easier then you think)
21. Or if it's horrible outside have a movie day with homemade popcorn and healthy snacks! 
22. Leave the grass to grow a bit and before you cut it and paint it! I know it sounds odd but it's great fun I promise.
23.  Teach your child how to tell the time using the sun.  It's a great learning experience for perhaps both of you.
24. Bubbles!
25. Fill your paddling pool up with water and put a slide going into it (come on I must not be the only one that used to do this as a child)
26. Do the same above but pretend the slide is the plank and play pirates!
27. Make fruit skewers and ice lollys
28. Play some football 
29. Play Tennis then afterwards eat strawberries and cream mmmmmmmmmm.
30. Go to the cinema (the Odean have special toddler and children shows for only £2.50!)
31. Pretend your garden is a zoo.  Prehaps you and your family can pretend your zoo keepers/animals.  They could even feed you fruit ;).  The bigger the better so invite all the people you can! 
32. Camping doesn't have to mean going away that far.  why not camp in your back garden that way if your children get too scared you can always restore back to the bedroom!
33.Save lots of cupboard up from your packaging and then chuck it all in your garden and let the kids go wild! 
34. Climb up the biggest hill in your town and see if you can spot your house! (If you have one)
35. Go to a butterfly enclosure. Talk to them about all the colours you see.
36. Go crabbing.
37. Hellloooo bike ride!
38. Feed some ducks

39. Go on a totally spur of the moment random road trip!
40. Turn your living room and garden into an animal hospital.  
41. Try and bring your children's favourite book to life.  Use play dough or set up different stuff in the house/ garden.  Many people have done it before with "the hungry caterpillar" and "we're going on a bear hunt" so just try with another story.
42. Go to a local fruit market and let your child pick out what they want then make a fruit salad for dessert that day!

Wow that was actually a lot easier then I thought.  I hope you managed to get at least a few good activities out of them.  Now along side this I was given some BN biscuits.  I DID have a lovely picture of them.  Sadly 1. My SD card broke and 2. my SD card reader is now not working! Urgh!

It was a tough job having to eat biscuits with David ;).  We received the Raspberry and chocolate flavour but I noticed they do them in white chocolate! I haven't brought the white chocolate flavour yet but it is on my list. Me and my friend clare couldn't help but sing the old theme tune. "BN BN do do do do BN BN do do do" you all know you wanna sing it.  Anyway they were really great just like I remembered.  David obviously have the sweet tooth loved them as well.  The only problem I would say I thought of was that in lunch bags yeah they would great to have (though no doubt they would be banned at most schools now a day *sigh*) BUT the packaging makes this a little difficult.  I think it would be better if each biscuit or perhaps every 3 had it's own separate packaging so it's easier to store?  I dunno what do you think maybe it's just me.

Anyway that's it for this weeks blog sorry it's a bit delayed bloody SD card reader! ARGH.

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  1. Wow! That is such a fun list of things to do. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part