Saturday, 9 August 2014

Review | business cards

Hey everybody! (hey doctor nick)

So I've been thinking for a good old while that I really need to get some business cards for at least one of my blogs.  I've been to a lot of events and people have given me theres and they are so pretty etc.  It's a really good thing to give to PR's too as they can put you in their contact book so much easier as well.  I was strolling through the internet as you do anyhoo and BAM hello opportunity to review business cards...well of course I said yes!  However it was with a company I had never heard of before called  I went on their website straight away and it look really simple and easy to use.

Now I could just show you the business cards with my design on it and have done with this review (seriously they look fabulous just you wait).  Instead though I want to talk about their customer service, sorry I meant their AMAZING customer service.  Now I have dealt with a lot of customer service in the past some good experiences some bad.  However I'd like to make a new category "Unicorn service" in translation epically amazing customer service, because lets face it unicorns are amazing (and they do exist, you can't tell me they don't!). 

10 points if you can point the mistakes lol
So why was this customer service amazing? Well first off I designed my own business card in photoshop. I then sent it to be printed....I didn't proof read it. I only realised this though when they came in the post I looked at them and then proceeded with crying and banging my head against a wall (not literally).  I sent them back feedback but I said to them "don't worry though it's my mistake I'll still use them"  I was really shocked though when they told me to edit them and they would print them off for me again!  They went an extra mile and they really didn't have to!

I then went to edit them in photoshop but I got told it was the wrong size.  This confused me because they accepted the print first with spelling error and text colour errors but there was nothing wrong with the size.
Either way the smart thing I should of done was to download their template so I got the size right. They were VERY patient with me and after many phone calls and emails we got it right yay!

They came in the post after only a few days delivery seemed very quick. So this is what they look like Ta-da! As you can see they have rounded edges I'm sorry but to me everything looks better roundddd.  I love the quality of these cards and they came in cute plastic boxes so they are easy to carry around.  They feel quite thick as well like a train ticket or maybe a bit more.  I hope you like them as much as me and if you don't poo you cause their mine anyway ha ha.  


  1. This is such a good idea - I really should get some of my own done. Might check these guys out! And there should be a unicorn level of service!

    Tara at Headline Beauty xox

  2. Wow thanks so much for commeting <3. Yeah I think this one of those things bloggers often forget. Who can blame us though there is so many other things to do!

  3. They look great! Wow that is a very good name. "unicorn level" hahaha, love it!