Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Review | Quorn BBQ Event

Hello everyone!  So a few weeks ago I attended a Quorn BBQ event in London.  I invited my brother along with me as he is vegetarian. Even though I am a meat eater I do love Quorn.  I've only ever had their mince and chicken but I really enjoyed them when I've eaten them.  I was really happy to get invited as it gave me the change to try out more of their range. I had to bring my son David along too as it was on a day I have him for contact.  I thought I would take advantage of this and so me and my brother took him to the science museum.  He had lots of fun and loved the cars and trains.  He spotted them out straight away which I was pleased about.  After exploring the rest of the museum we went down to the basement where they had their "garden".  I wish I went down their sooner as David loved it and I don't blame him.  It was amazing and well I wish I could of had the water play section in my back garden.

Anyway more about the event.  When we arrived we were welcomed with a friendly reception.  We were given a press pack and a bunch of vouchers for drinks.  Normally I would of introduced myself to everyone but I had David with me and understandably he was being difficult. It wasn't his fault though as obviously he wanted to run around and touch everything.

Whilst we networked and waiting for the BBQ to start we were given a glass of pimms and snacks were laid out on the table.  It was very relaxed, as we were near the airport too we were able to show David planes....he now points at every plane he sees in the sky ha ha.

Quorn had laid out a lovely table of food for the BBQ as well to put on our plates.  I took some cocktail sausage to try and bribe David some what in to keeping quiet as he was being rather loud.  I managed to eat one myself this time as well considering my brother normally tells me I can't have any when I'm round the parents house.  I can see why he wanted them all to himself now as they were lovely!

It wasn't long until the chef started cooking the quorn sausages and burgers.  They had marinated the burgers with some special sauce.  I don't know what it was but my god it was amazing!  The only way I could explain it, was that it was like ribs with rib sauce had been mushed together into a burger.  Oh my god, it was to die for.  David stole most of my burger sadly.  I can't blame him though it really was that tasty.

Please excuse the bite marks as I nearly forgot to take a picture as I was enjoying it that much ha ha.  They also had sausages.  These tasted much different from the cocktail sausages but still packed with flavour.

They also served up some trifle for afterwards which was lovely.  I think quorn is always ignored as a healthy alternative but infact it's great if your on a diet you don't have to be a vegetarian.  Weight Watchers even have it included in part of their healthy and filling plan.  Quorn was nice enough to give us some recipe ideas that I might in the near future have a go at.  If you would like me to post the recipe's with feedback as to how easy it was to cook etc, please let me know.

Just before I finish this post I'll leave you with this fact about Quorn that may just surprise you.

"*Quorn Mince, Quorn Meat Free Chicken Pieces and Quorn Standard Sausages are a nutritionally healthy protein source. Protein contributes to a growth in and maintenance of muscle mass.

**Based on a 75g serving size."

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