Saturday, 2 August 2014

Dry Like Me post 1 | Our Adventure Begins

Hi everyone,  so a few weeks ago I was contacted by Dry Like Me to review their Early Stage pads.  As David is communicating more now I thought now would be the perfect time.  He tells me when he goes a poo and he shows lots of interested in the toilet.  So come on a (hell like) potty training with me.  It hasn't been easy with David although he has good communications skills as he doesn't yet understand what it means to actually go to the toilet so this will be part of a series and you can follow me through my ups and downs

Dry like me have organised a Potty Training Live Programme.  Each week they post brilliant tips and guides on how to battle the war that is potty training.  So what do you need before you even think about starting and what are the signs that you can start with your little one?  Don't worry I'm going to answer all of those.

The signs

  • Good communication skills - can let you know their thirsty/want a drink etc.
  • Confident physical skills - able to walk up the stairs
  • Being able to follow direction - i.e can be shown how to wash hands.
You can also watch this cute little video from Dry Like Me which is a less boring way of learning how to know if your child might be ready or not.

So what do you need?

below is a shopping list with all the stuff you may or may not want to buy.  I honestly wished I saw this list sooner as I was very un-organised at the start which really isn't like me.  If your only training in the day don't worry too much about the mattress protector though it's always good to have anyway.
  • A potty of course! (du'h!)
  • A toilet training seat is also good to have incase your little one wants to take the big leap straight away.
  • Dry Like Me Pads (that does without saying right?)
  • lots of pants (or boxers, for me the pants/briefs had no where near enough room!)
  • wipes
  • rewards or stickers (I think in the early stages a big clap and yay is good enough with maybe a colouring book.  The rewards can become more regular like star charts when you think he/she's getting the hang of it.)

So how did our first week go?  Well actually not that good.  I brought boxers and briefs for David as the briefs looked sooooo small anyway.  I turned out to be right even though they were 2-3 years, ridiculous. David still hasn't learnt bowel control so I'll be taking the next step when he comes back from his fathers.  Writing down when he has an accident (aka when he wees).  When I started potty training I only did a "pants session" in the morning.  I know Dry Like Me advice that you keep them out of nappies completely but I felt like this was best for me.  Though I'm moving from nappies to pull ups.  I shall keep you updated and fingers crossed we get somewhere.  I do have to stay strong though as I know it can take 4-6 months. I'm very impatient so I think I'll find this hard but I just have to stick to my guns.  Until next time bye!


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