Thursday, 4 September 2014

Review | New Ryvita Tin & Pumpkin Seed Flavour

Hello everyone! So a pretty unusual review today on the blog but it's about the new limited editon tin Ryvita have just brought out.  Now Ryvita's are a god send in the Candyfloss household.  David doesn't really get on well with sandwiches.  Don't get me wrong he loves toast and pretty sure he likes bread but he doesn't get on well with sandwiches.  He'll take out the filling and then won't eat the bread or eat half of it and then before you know it's on the floor....very frustrating.

It's also good for my "diet" (okay yes not been strict but I'm happy either way at the moment).  There's plenty of room in the tine fitting a whole packet of Ryvita's and a bit more.  The design itself is very simple yet effective.  Now I'm not art expect but I'm guessing this is in a similar style as Art Deco?  Please correct me if I'm wrong.  The lid goes on nicely and it secures it put it's not too hard to get off.  That means it keeps the Ryvita's from going stale.    

Because of the colours it will easily fit in with many kitchen styles and won't look so ugly on a window sill so there is no reason to hide it away in the cupboard.  This style is in fact designed by the award winning Ben De Lisi.  As well as the pictures I have posted with what I've had with Ryvita I also dipped it in soup which is divine!  What are your favourite toppings for Ryvita?


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