Friday, 12 September 2014

Pizza Express | Autumn and Christmas Menu 2014

So about a month ago I was invited by Pizza Express to their Christmas Event.  This was to preview their A/W 14 and Christmas Menu.  Now I'm not going to lie I am (was) a Pizza Express virgin.  This event made me question why I hadn't ever been!  The food was amazing and to my arrogance (probably due to the fact I was late) it wasn't until after I came home that I realised I ate Gluten Free and Vegetarian options.  In a way though that is a good thing as they were ALL tasty.

I was late to arrive at the new restaurant located near London Liverpool Street. When I arrived I was warmly welcomed and drinks and food were already being passed around. I can't remember how each individually tasted but what I can confirm is that they were all tasty and have converted me to a lover of Pizza Express.  There new menu is packed full of new food and some old favourites.  To start off with new drinks will be introduced Bollinger Champagne and blush cider. 

The first Starter on the list is Arancini Provola which is vegetarian. They are baked risotto balls with spinach and a provola cheese centre. they are served with a spicy arrabbiata sauce. You also have pork and pancetta croquettes 

The next new starter is the Melanzanine which is vegetarian and maybe GF but you'd have to check. It is a mini al forno dish of layed aubergine, passata, mozzarella, basil and gran moravia cheese.  Another starter that will be making a return is Pizza Express's famous cheesy dough balls.

For the mains there were 3 pizzas and a calzone.  The first picture which I did not get a picture of was the Aubergine Gluten Free pizza called Melanzane Romana.  I do not re-call what it was called but it was very tasty as I ate it within seconds.

This is the calzone. It is much like a English cornish pasty only Italian style, tasty too.  This one is filled with spinach, ham and pepperoni.  It just bursts with flavour. 

Next we have the Festiva (vegetarian).  This was made up of brie sauce, mozzarella and leek with a generous amount of rocket placed on top (as you can see).  This was my least favourite as I felt as if I was being fed like a rabbit.  They also had Anatra, a pulled duck version of this pizza with hoison sauce instead which perhaps would of tasted better but I did not get to try that sadly.

Next up is the Mare Rozza pizza  It was very light I felt and was one of my favorites.  Toppings included chunks of smoked salmon, prawns and broccoli. The final pizza which I failed to get a picture of was my most favourite and I think everyone elses too was the Carbonara Pizza.  Basically Carbonara in the shape of a pizza, so think egg, bacon and well just haven!

Finally we finish with the deserts. As a woman with a sweet tooth my god I was in hevaen! I got to try most of the deserts that night I ended up brushing my teeth twice that night just incase.  So what have they brought to the menu?

So we have Christmas Pudding or Honeycomb Cheesecake, Chocolate Tartufo, Snowball dough balls and some other old favourites.  I couldn't take pictures of everything there was so much going on but needless to say you'll be spoilt with desserts that's for sure.

That's it for this blog post.  The Autumn menu launches on the 7th of October with the Christmas menu shortly following on the 11th of November.  I know I'm going to be booking my table when the new menu comes out will you?



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